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Clam Buddy Lighting

Are you on an "IA" crew? Or do you live in fire camps all summer long? In either case you have probably on more than one occasion found yourself up at the head of the fire with the sun setting, and without your headlamp that you forgot in the truck during your hast to engage, but you didn't forget your radio. If your navigating the darkness of fire camp why bother with carrying a flashlight or wearing a headlamp that is blinding and annoying to others around you? Especially when you already have a power source and a convenient, non-offending mounting location for a bright, yet wide angle light source, the portable radio sitting in your chest pack! If these scenerios sound familiar then you need one of these:

Front side of the Clam Buddy with three high intensity LED lights.

(Made in the USA)

The Clam Buddy is a new high intensity LED lighting and emergency power system that integrates with the Bendix/King (BK) handheld radio typically used in the wildland firefighting industry. The unit is installed in-between the battery and the radio in the same manner that the stock battery attaches to the radio. No modifications are needed. The Clam Buddy is designed to work with the AA Clam Shell battery due to the higher voltage/capacity provided (hence the name "Clam Buddy"). Also provided is an accessory port to accommodate the charging of cell phones and other *12 Volt electronics that plug into cigarette lighter style power ports.

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Technical Details

  • CNC machined from 6061 aircraft aluminum.
  • High impact .0625" acrylic lens protects LEDs.
  • All functions can work simultaneously (Lights, Charger, Radio).
  • Can work stand-alone with just the battery (no radio attached).
  • Aluminum, Stainless, Brass, Acrylic construction won't rust.
  • LEDs are Nichia Rigel series high brightness + efficiency.

*A fully charged AA clam shell (9 cell version) provides approx. 13.5 Volts DC.



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