Southwest Oregon Live Scanner is now ONLINE for the 2016 season.

The live online scanner is located in Grants Pass, Oregon and is a primary resource for monitoring forest fire related radio traffic via streaming on the web. This feed will cover Josephine and Jackson counties and the agencies that serve them. I have a cable internet connection and a dedicated audio streaming server, I strive to maintain 100% uptime, however after weeks of constant running the server will bog down and sometimes freeze, if it goes down it will be reset as soon as I can get to it. There are a number of ways to listen to the scanner, see below.


Broadcastify Scanner Link

To listen to the feed on your Cell Phone.

If you have a wireless mobile device you can install the Scanner Radio APP and monitor the scanner from your device. Visit the links below and install your choice of player Then add the feed to your favorites for easy access. BE AWARE THAT YOU WILL BE USING BANDWIDTH THE ENTIRE TIME YOU ARE CONNECTED EVEN IF NO AUDIO IS COMING OUT OF YOUR SPEAKER. This should only be used if you have an unlimited bandwidth data plan. Some devices however have WIFI capability, and if connected to the Internet via this method would eliminate the problem of using your phones data plan.

Android Scanner Radio APP

iOS Scanner Radio APP

Live scanner feed brought to you by BlueFin CNC LLC. A manufacturer of unique products that serve the wildland firefighting, un-manned aircraft and forest industries.


Grants Pass Webcams